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Atasi Das Ovarian Cancer Foundation


Our Mission: To raise global awareness, to fund research in search of cures, and to provide financial support to underprivileged women in the U.S. as well as developing nations in their valiant fight against ovarian cancer.





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OvarCare logo USA Program: OvarCare

  • You can now sponsor a woman via our OvarCare program. The OvarCare package is worth $800. Currently we are offering one care package/month. With collective support, we could offer the care package to more patients who would benefit from this assistance. Your total cost to sponsor one OvarCare package is $500
  • You can choose to sponsor 1, 2, 3 or as many women/ovarian cancer patient as you would like to support. You can also choose to co-sponsor with 1 or 2 friends
  • Should you choose to sponsor OvarCare, we will disburse the gift in honor of the name you select. It would be something like OvarCare: A Smith Family Gift OR OvarCare: A Smith & Jones Family Gift (should you choose to co-sponsor)
  • We will share primary patient information (barring any confidential clinical information) with all sponsors
  • We will feature each sponsor on our website every month (with names and pictures if you give us approval)



Mother of Atasi das


Global Program


Today, you can help save a woman's life. As a sponsor you'll help an underprivileged woman in India fight her battle against ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer, when detected early, has a high survival rate. Lack of awareness, irregular well woman visits, and sometimes not being able to afford periodic examinations are some of the main reasons for late detection. Ovarian cancer is the third most common cancer among women in India followed by cancers of the uterine, cervix, and the breast. Every year, more than 28,000 new cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed and about 19,500 women die from this disease.

When monthly income is $100 or less, cost of cancer care and treatment is prohibitively high! Help save such a woman's life by sponsoring her chemotherapy, surgery. hospital stay, or other miscellaneous expenses. You can pledge monthly, quarterly, yearly, or one-time support. Your generosity and support will empower her to fight for her life and give her one less reason to worry. Support our cause. Save a woman's life!


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Ovarcome President & CEO, Runsi Sen featured in Asian Connections

Runsi Sen discusses Ovarcome’s vision and mission to raise awareness on ovarian cancer worldwide and to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged women fighting the battle against this disease.

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