Angela’s Determination To Ovarcome

Angela’s Determination To Ovarcome

Meet our OvarCare recipient, Angela Bonner. It all began in February, 2010. Angela was working, taking care of herself, and living her life when suddenly she started experiencing vague and uneasy symptoms. She just didn’t seem to have an appetite anymore. She couldn’t finish any of her meals. Angela was otherwise a healthy, and active woman – so not wanting to eat seemed strange to her, especially as she considers herself a foodie. She also started to experience some pain in her abdomen and began to lose weight. Angela decided to consult with her OB-GYN.  Initial diagnosis couldn’t determine the underlying reason for her symptoms, so they continued to treat her immediate symptoms. Angela realized her initial treatment wasn’t really working, so she resorted to Google to seek additional information. He research revealed she might have ovarian cancer. Angela contacted her physician again, and expressed her concern about the information and requested her physician to investigate her health and symptoms further.


One day while at work, she received a call from her OB-GYN asking her to come in to the office. Upon her visit, Angela learned she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and was immediately referred to an oncologist to proceed with treatment. Angela says, things moved quickly thereafter with surgery, chemotherapy and the treatment regimen. She was in treatment most part of 2010 – 2011, and then went into remission. Unfortunately, the cancer relapsed again in 2013. Angela underwent six rounds of chemo to ward off the relapse. Since summer of 2017, Angela’s symptoms returned again, to be diagnosed with the second relapse of ovarian cancer.


Angela has been in active treatment since the summer of 2017, having undergone lymph node surgery and now in chemotherapy working to Ovarcome the third attack of ovarian cancer. She mentioned to us that nausea has hit her hard this time. Fatigue is another major concern she is having to manage as she goes through yet another treatment regimen.


A single woman, Angela is working full time as she continues her treatment for ovarian cancer. She says work keeps her busy and her mind off of the cancer journey. When asked, Angela mentioned she has not undergone Genetic Testing. Not being particularly close to her family members, Angela has not yet determined a need to undergo genetic testing, and shared with us that it is not her concern at this time. She is taking care of herself, working to maintain her sustenance, and trying to keep her spirits high as she receives treatment to Ovarcome Ovarian Cancer.


A strong woman, with a stronger heart – Angela has taken on this journey all by herself. She is brave, resilient, confident, and spirited. Having lived with ovarian cancer for the past 8 years, having taken on many treatments, having done it all by herself, Angela treats ovarian cancer as a chronic disease that she has to live with – but she doesn’t let her ailment interfere with her life. Angela is determined to Ovarcome. Please send her your prayers, love, and best wishes as Angela walks through the path to recovery once again. We wish her all the strength and power to Ovarcome!

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