Sandra’s Story Of Inspiration To Ovarcome

Sandra’s Story Of Inspiration To Ovarcome


Our Survivors continue to share their remarkable stories of hope, faith, and inspiration. Meet Sandra Bates, one of our OvarCare recipients. Sandra got diagnosed with ovarian cancer on December 2nd, 2010. Prior to her diagnosis, Sandra worked as a Prison Guard. During her time on duty, in an unfortunate incident, she got assaulted by one of the inmates and sustained serious physical injuries. She had to take significant time off of work to undergo shoulder surgery.


A self-proclaimed workaholic by nature, Sandra says, this incident forcibly slowed her down, and allowed her to pay more attention to her body and mind. As a result, she started noticing physical symptoms that she had previously ignored. Sandra had fibroids for years and had already had her right ovary removed due to prior rupture. When her pain and discomfort started to become worse, she decided to see her OB-GYN, to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer shortly after. She feels thankful to the inmate for allowing her to refocus on herself and get started with treatment.


Sandra has had a complete hysterectomy and 20 chemo therapies in a period of 2 years. She also underwent liver and bowel resurrection. Despite the treatments, her cancer returned in 2012. Since then she has been on Clinical Trials at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute. She has participated in more than 6 clinical trials and is currently undergoing her second clinical trial on immunotherapy.


Sandra has a very important message to all Survivors considering Clinical Trials. “You are not a lab rat. By signing up for clinical trials, you are helping the doctors develop a drug that will ultimately cure ovarian cancer. In turn, they are helping you get better, and giving you the gift of life. Battle the disease, and help find a cure. Don’t walk away from something that is helpful and of meaning to you. I can’t imagine giving up – you shouldn’t either. Life is worth living!”



Sandra is a spirited, independent soul – she is lovingly supported through her journey by her fiance, parents, niece and extended family as she continues her treatment. Sandra’s beloved fiance decked up her car with TEAL racing stripes to support and champion her through her recovery. Sandra is spiritedly facing her recurrence, and keeping her strength and her hope to Ovarcome. Keep your spirits and keep inspiring Sandra – TOGETHER, we can Ovarcome! 💙