Clara: The True Face of Strength to OVARCOME

Clara: The True Face of Strength to OVARCOME


Meet Clara Coreas, one of our OvarCare recipients. 54 year old Clara got diagnosed with stage III-C ovarian cancer in June this year. Clara was experiencing intermittent pain in her pelvic region for a while before she decided to visit a doctor for further evaluation. She was given pain medication and asked to wait and watch for additional symptoms to develop. With the pain medication she felt OK for a week, before her pain relapsed again. This time it was so intense that Clara ended up in the ER – the ER ran multiple tests on her, but nothing was conclusive.


As in many other cases, Clara was recommended to visit a Gastroenterologist to evaluate her symptoms. However, no conclusive diagnosis could be made. So she went back to her OB-GYN who then ordered a CA-125 test. Clara received a call three days later from her physician to go in for additional tests that revealed her diagnosis of ovarian cancer.


Clara had the option to wait for treatment at her local hospital, but she decided to be proactive and immediately set out to seek help and support from MD Anderson Cancer Center. Her treatment followed with 9 weeks of chemotherapy. She recently had her surgery as well.


Clara and her family got severely affected by Harvey in Houston. Her home has been completely destroyed due to flooding, as well as that of her immediate family’s. According to the latest estimations, it will take close to a year for her home to be restored. She is undergoing treatment and surgery, while staying with kind and generous friends and greater family. She has the strong family support of her sisters as well as her brothers who are taking turns with hospital visits, and being around for Clara to help her recover. She had to be rescued by a boat at the aftermath of Harvey – her sister shared the shocking story of how the first responders had to rescue Clara from her home and while carrying her frail body to the boat, accidentally dropped her in the flood water – where the family watched in horror as she drowned for a second. But she was revived and rescued by the strong and able rescue team that finally took her to a safer place.



Clara’s Mom passed away from liver cancer. But, she is not BRCA1/2 positive – she has been diligent to test herself to make sure she can make the rest of her family members aware of any genetic predisposition. Clara’s life has not been easy – she lost her only son to a car accident a few years ago. Her family fondly recalls the graduation ceremony of her son they all attended. The devastating incident happened shortly after. Her sister thinks losing her only son unexpectedly, drowned her in overwhelming sadness and depression that might have caused the cancer to trigger. While there is no scientific evidence to it, the correlation between the mind and the body is strong and can’t be ignored or overlooked.


Clara remains hopeful and optimistic to Ovarcome. She is thankful for her dear family for taking care of her during her darkest hours. She is looking forward to returning to her home after her treatment is over. But for now, she is focused on diligently following the path of recovery. Her story, her strength, and her conviction are extraordinary. She is the true face of the strength to OVARCOME.