Denice Preisendorfer: Thankful To Ovarcome

Denice Preisendorfer: Thankful to Ovarcome

Meet Denice Preisendorfer, our OvarCare Recipient. In 2014, Denice started experiencing intermittent abdominal pain. She had pre-existing Hernia, so she assumed the pain was originating from the condition. However, the pain gained momentum and soon became unbearable. She had to be rushed to the ER and after tests and scans, the Doctors found a mass. At that time, Denice and her Partner, Tammy, lived in a relatively small town. She was referred by the local physicians to seek consultation in Atlanta, Georgia, at our Partner Hospital, the Northside Hospital. She underwent a series of tests including blood work and CT scans, but the tests couldn’t successfully determine if Denice had cancer. She was scheduled for surgery on October 13, 2014. The surgery revealed a large ovarian/uterine mass that was diagnosed as Stage 1, ovarian cancer.


Based on the extensive treatment plan that was to follow, Denice and Tammy decided to relocate closer to the hospital in Atlanta. She underwent surgery, completed her treatment and went back to her regular life. However, in the summer of 2016, the symptoms re-developed. Scans revealed her cancer had recurred, this time it had metastasized to her liver and left groin. Denice started her chemotherapy regimen, but side-effects raged and had a devastating impact on her overall health. She followed through the treatment regardless, but unfortunately the follow-up scan revealed the chemotherapy treatment was not successful. More tumors had developed.


So, Denice is back on treatment again. She has recently been on another chemotherapy regimen and has completed 4 out of 6 cycles. Thankfully this time, the tumors are responding to treatment – several of them have shrunk and one of the tumors has disappeared! Tammy is delighted with this progress, and is standing by her long-time Partner as a rock as Denice goes through treatment. Tammy mentioned during the conversation with Ovarcome, that they have come to terms with Ovarian Cancer as a chronic disease Denice will likely have to live with for the rest of her life.



Denice has not yet participated in Clinical Trials. She hasn’t undergone Genetic Testing yet, but plans to do so, soon. Denice has had a particularly difficult experience with side effects due to Chemotherapy – Doxil has caused severe skin breakdown and Avastin has had an adverse impact on her blood pressure levels. But she is holding on strong, in her determination to Ovarcome.


Denice and Tammy are partners for life. Tammy has been Denice’s singular pillar of Support through this difficult journey, taking care of her every need. Denice is a strong courageous woman, resiliently facing her treatments. Denice is looking forward to a joyous Holiday Season with the love of her life, Tammy – in cherishing the magical moments, and in their promise together, to OVARCOME!