Julia’s Wish To Ovarcome

Julia’s Wish To Ovarcome: 1st OvarCare Recipient, 2018

Meet Julia Redendo, our first OvarCare recipient of 2018. 54 year old Julia got diagnosed with ovarian cancer in September 2015 – she is currently battling a recurrence.


In her conversation with us, Julia shared her emotional, physical, as well as financial struggles after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is not employed and has minimal health insurance coverage. Julia recently lost her husband. Her disability benefits are pending. She is also the primary caretaker of her 17 year old son.


Chemotherapy treatments have had many side effects on Julia including extreme neuropathy making her unable to walk on many days. Overwhelmed by the challenges, and still mourning the death of her dear husband, Julia feels no one is there for her to provide the guidance and the help she needs. She mentioned she is so grateful to Ovarcome for providing her with the OvarCare financial assistance package, and giving her the support she needs at this difficult time. Julia feels thankful to be able to now buy her medicines with the grant Ovarcome has provided to her.


Cancer is a challenging and difficult diagnosis. Facing it alone after experiencing a tremendous personal loss while being faced with financial hardship, makes the journey even harder. However, Julia is keeping her spirit and her hopes up in her desire to Ovarcome, as she battles ovarian cancer the second time. She is looking forward to watching her son grow and to witnessing the milestones in his life.


We wish Julia the very best as she undergoes treatment to Ovarcome ovarian cancer. She is hopeful for a better tomorrow. Please send Julia your love, prayers, and best wishes – TOGETHER, we can Ovarcome!

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