Kymberli Jones: A Young Woman’s Determination To Ovarcome

Kymberli Jones: A Young Woman’s Determination To Ovarcome


Ovarian cancer is an older woman’s disease? Think again. Even though a higher percentage of women are diagnosed between 55-64 years, many younger women are impacted by this disease.


Meet Kymberli Jones. Kymberli, is a 30 year old single Mom from Dallas, Texas. She has a beautiful son, 8 years of age. An Accountant by profession, Kymberli loves to read, travel, explore, and have a good time. She is an active member of her PTA Board, as well as a Teacher at her local Church, for elementary aged children.


Kymberli is chronically anemic and was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2013. Recently, she was experiencing bouts of excruciating pelvic pain and landed up in the ER a couple of times. In February of 2017, she was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy. Doctors noticed her HCG hormone levels were rising alarmingly – so they decided to order additional tests to rule out concerns. Kymberli was eventually diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer. She had her surgery in August of 2017, and has recently started her chemotherapy treatment.


Kymberli shared cancer is prevalent in her family. Women’s health issues are also very common among the family members. Her Aunts & her Grandmother have been diagnosed with breast as well as cervical cancers. Kymberli has not undergone Genetic Testing yet – something she is planning to correct. We encourage her to do so – as it is a great prevention tool for women/family members at risk for developing cancer.



Kymberli’s story is classic. While going through this journey prior to her ovarian cancer diagnosis, she was repeatedly told she was “Too Young” to have ovarian cancer. But she was persistent in telling her care team something didn’t seem right and that she needed to get further evaluation. Being diagnosed with ovarian cancer has not been easy for her. As a single Mom, she is very involved in her child’s life, and this diagnosis seemed like a major disruption to her life. It added a lot of additional stress and Kymberli says she was emotionally and mentally devastated, and ready to give up. But her beloved son was her inspiration to Ovarcome, to complete her treatment and to start a brand new chapter in her life.


Kymberli’s message is to actively listen to your body. As a young woman diagnosed in early stages, she is a great example of being proactive with your health, and to stay on top of symptoms. Kymberli says “you are never too young for cancer – but if you get diagnosed in early stages, your chances of overcoming is so much greater!”


We wish Kymberli and her beautiful son a happy, healthy and wonderful life ahead. She is a great inspiration, with her determination to OVARCOME!