LaShanda Harris: Hopeful To Ovarcome

LaShanda Harris: Hopeful To Ovarcome

Meet our OvarCare Recipient, LaShanda Harris. LaShanda, a young mother of three children had her hands full with life, work, and responsibilities, when she started experiencing stomach pain, almost on a regular basis. She had a partial hysterectomy done prior due to fibroids, so she thought the pain was originating from her pre-existing condition. After having experienced the pain for almost a whole year, LaShanda reported her symptoms at her next well-woman visit. Her physician suspected an abnormality, and ordered blood tests. Few days later she received a call from her doctor’s office recommending her to visit University of Birmingham, Alabama for a complete evaluation. Her OB-GYN mentioned LaShanda might have ovarian cancer.


Completely in shock, LaShanda checked into UAB, and after a series of tests, she was diagnosed with stage III-C ovarian cancer in July of 2017. LaShanda mentioned to us that everything happened so quickly that she felt like it was all a dream. Her treatment started immediately, not giving her much time to reflect on the life changing diagnosis. She was devastated, concerned about her children, uncertain of the future, and anxious about the upcoming treatment. LaShanda remembers crying many silent tears about this challenge life brought onto her. As a single Mom with limited resources, she realized her cancer treatment will take her out of the work force for a period of time and make it challenging for her to meet her daily needs. When she mentioned her concerns to her Social Worker at UAB, our partner hospital wonderfully worked on her application and recommended LaShanda to Ovarcome, as an OvarCare recipient that might greatly benefit from our care package.


Cancer is not a stranger in her family. LaShanda has relatives on her father’s side that passed away from this disease. He Grandma also got diagnosed with breast cancer. She has tested BRCA 1/2 positive. She understands her responsibilities towards her children as a mutation carrier – LaShanda plans to encourage her daughter to get her genetic testing done, to eliminate and reduce risk of developing breast/ovarian cancer in the future.


Right out of surgery, LaShanda is looking forward to recovering well so she can go back to work and enjoy the holiday season with her family and loved ones. She is the proud Mom of 2 boys and 1 girl – 21, 19, and 18 years of age. LaShanda was thrilled and excited to share that her daughter has joined the Air Force – she couldn’t be more proud of her loving daughter!


LaShanda is only 40 – she wants to live and experience life, to embrace the joys and the happiness life brings, to support her children and witness their milestones and moments, and to Ovarcome ovarian cancer. She wants to welcome the holidays with renewed hope, faith, and enthusiasm. She wants to feel refreshed and energized for the upcoming brand new year!


Together, we send our love, best wishes and blessings to LaShanda as she turns toward hope to OVARCOME.

OvarCare is a financial support program offered by Ovarcome for ovarian cancer patients in active treatment.
At Ovarcome, we are inspired by the simple philosophy of support, love, and celebration of life. Our financial assistance package helps ovarian cancer patients meet daily needs as they undergo treatment. OvarCare is a package especially designed for ovarian cancer patients: to enhance their lives and to celebrate the incredibly strong and resilient women they are! Ovarcoming Cancer: Celebrating Life. TOGETHER, We Can Ovarcome!