OvarEmbrace: Chemo Care & Comfort Program


Be patient with yourself, and embrace this “speed bump” in your journey of life.

On September 14th, 2015, I was just moving into a brand-new home that I had built with the love of my life. We were starting a whole new chapter; life was just beginning. That was a Monday. However, on Thursday, the very same week, after feeling what felt like a softball in my lower abdomen area when I would lie on my stomach, a quick doctor appointment would confirm that it was not a pulled muscle, as I had thought, but rather a 15-centimeter mass on my right ovary. On October 15th, twelve days shy of my 32nd birthday, and two weeks out from surgery, my fear became reality. I was diagnosed with Stage I ovarian cancer.


As the news began to set in, all I could think about was everyone else around me. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, other than I’d be losing all my beautiful, long, brown hair and that I would be starting chemotherapy the day after my birthday. Everything was happening so fast. I will never forget the look in my parents’ faces and feeling my love squeeze my hand. I can remember taking a deep breath and whispering, “I’m sorry,” to them. This diagnosis was about to change all their lives, as much as it would mine.


I was scared and had absolutely no idea what to expect or what I needed for such lengthy visits to the hospital for chemo (for me, it was roughly every three weeks for the next six plus months). However, as I went through the motions and learned my new routine – a routine that now included pills, doctors/nurses, needles, and countless other appointments – the focus seemed to shift from me to the others next to and across from me. I felt a deep need to not only learn more about my cancer, but to learn more about others affected. I wanted to know their stories. I wanted to help. I have been where you are, and you are not alone in your fight. Ovarian cancer is not who you are but what you have, and to help you on this new, unexpected chapter in your life, I wanted to do something that reflected my own experience, and yet, help you to feel more prepared for the days, weeks, and/or months to come. So, we packed you a bag. Think of it as your personal starter kit! In it, you will find all the items that I found useful during my time in treatment. Hopefully, you will find much use and much comfort from it as well.


“Sometimes we are given tests in life, not to necessarily show us our weaknesses, but to help us discover our strengths.” While I bet, we can both agree that cancer undeniably sucks, I can assure you that you will discover so many wonderful things about yourself and of others during this time.


Your “Teal” Friend, Lynnsey Tirey, Ovarian Cancer Survivor Crusader


What is OvarEmbrace?

OvarEmbrace is a chemo care and comfort program offered by Ovarcome for ovarian cancer patients in active treatment. At Ovarcome, we are inspired by the simple philosophy of support, love, and celebration of life. We are here to help you as you fight the battle against ovarian cancer. Our chemo care and comfort program will help you nurture yourself as you undergo treatment while feeling relaxed, peaceful, calm and beautiful.


OvarEmbrace is pleased to also offer a congratulatory package to you as you complete your chemotherapy treatment – in overcoming cancer: celebrating life!


What does OvarEmbrace offer?

  • Care Bag filled with chemotherapy essentials
  • Congratulatory Package end of treatment:
  • $50 celebration gift card
  • $50 cancer wellness spa certificate

Who is it for? It is for ovarian cancer patients who:

  • Have a diagnosis of ovarian cancer certified by an oncology healthcare provider
  • Are in active chemotherapy treatment
  • Are a newly diagnosed or existing ovarian cancer patient
  • Meet our eligibility guidelines and are able to provide necessary documentation

How can eligible patients apply?

The application process has been designed in partnership with participating hospitals. For application details, please contact your case manager or social work counselor at your treatment hospital.


Apply in 3 Steps:

  1. Review the application form
  2. Fill out the application form and provide necessary information and supporting documents
  3. Submit to your Case Manager or Social Work Counselor for evaluation by Ovarcome


To download the application form, please click here

To download the media release form, please click here


Please note:

An application is not a guarantee of receiving OvarEmbrace. Giving will depend on availability of funds. OvarEmbrace recipients are eligible to apply for this program after completion of 2 years of receiving the OvarCare package.


You Can Support the OvarEmbrace Program:

You can help provide care and comfort to ovarian cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy by contributing towards the OvarEmbrace program. We welcome you to make the donation in memory of, or in honor of someone you love. Should you choose to sponsor, we will award the grant in your name, and wherever applicable, will also give you the opportunity to meet the woman and family your gift helped. Your total cost to sponsor one OvarEmbrace Care package is $150. You can choose to sponsor 1, 2, 3 or as many women/ovarian cancer patients as you would like to support. You can also choose to co-sponsor with friends.


Ways to contribute:

By check:

Ovarcome Non-Profit Inc.

2525 Robinhood Street, Suite: 212

Houston, TX 77005

Online: www.ovarcome.org


Please indicate your sponsorship is for OvarEmbrace. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.