Robin’s Story To Ovarcome

Robin’s Story To Ovarcome


Meet Robin Stewart, in her beautiful TEAL. She is one of our OvarCare recipients. Robin’s story is not unlike many others. She was experiencing gastric symptoms for quite a while, but didn’t pay much attention to it in trying to meet demands of daily existence. Her condition didn’t seem to improve despite initial treatments, and she ended up in the Emergency Room with enormous pain and discomfort. Tests revealed a lot of fluid in her abdomen, and consequent tests diagnosed her with stage III-C Ovarian Cancer.


Robin says everything happened very fast upon her diagnosis, in terms of her surgery and chemotherapy treatments. After finishing her treatment, as she was trying to focus back on life, she experience a recurrence. Robin is currently being treated for recurrence at the University of Birmingham, Alabama.


Robin lost her Dad earlier to Colon Cancer. He Aunt also got diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 68. Her genetic testing revealed she was BRCA1 positive – with such strong family history, it wasn’t a surprise to Robin. The severity of the treatments has had some adverse effects on Robin as she had to be hospitalized a number of times to address the potentially dangerous side effects of treatment.


Robin is unable to work due to the rigors of the treatment she is undergoing – she is fortunate to be supported by her sister and her mother as she continues on her path to recovery. She keeps a positive frame of mind and shines her light on everyone she meets. Even though the difficult challenges of cancer captures her at times and she feels broken down, she gets right back up, ready to face the disease and ovarcome it.


Robin believes she will Ovarcome – she is spiritually energized by this difficult experience and says she has finally found the true meaning of life and the people we love. She wants you to know “Life does go on. Be vigilant, be brave, be beautiful.”.


Our best wishes to you Robin as you continue with your journey – together, we will Ovarcome!