TOGETHER, They Ovarcome Everything!


Purple Heart And Teal Promise: Together, They Ovarcome

Meet Roberta Duncan, our OvarCare recipient. 69 years old, and otherwise healthy, Roberta suddenly began to experience periodic episodes of bleeding. She was surprised with bleeding at her age and realized it needed prompt evaluation. She immediately took action and scheduled an appointment with her OB-GYN to evaluate her symptoms. A series of tests later, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was referred to MD Anderson for further treatment.


Roberta was fortunate to be diagnosed at an earlier stage – IC. She underwent surgery in October of this year, and has recently started her chemotherapy treatment. One chemo under her belt and with the surgery successfully completed, Roberta is already feeling better and hopeful about her future. Cancer runs in her family. Her sister got diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago and is now cancer free (hurrah!). Her brother was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, and unfortunately passed from the disease. When asked about Genetic Testing, Roberta mentioned she didn’t know much about it. We were happy to mention the benefits of Genetic Testing as a prevention tool for her family members. She has a daughter and a grand-daughter, so Roberta was immediately interested to learn more about the benefits of the test and what she could do to help protect her family. She is now inspired to go ask about the BRCA Gene Testing at her next appointment. Such a spirited Survivor!



Roberta and her husband have been together for the past 47 years. He is a Disabled Veteran honored with Purple Heart. At 70, he is her pillar of strength and her hope to Ovarcome. When asked how long they have known each other, Roberta smiled and said “too long”! Their home got completely destroyed by Hurricane Harvey – they lost everything. Every bit of their house and belongings. Roberta and her husband lived in their home with their son, his family, their daughter & her child. As Roberta’s husband said…..”we were a team.” Now, they have been forced to be separated due to the home being destroyed, but they are hopeful to rebuild some day. At the moment, they are living in a trailer, but thankful to have at least some form of shelter and roof over their heads.


Struggling with the challenges of Harvey and the cancer diagnosis, Roberta is grateful to Ovarcome for providing her with the assistance package. She said “it will go a long way in easing my burden. Who knows, I might even buy a few new clothes to wear as all of my clothing got destroyed in the flood.” We are so happy to have been able to help Roberta and put a smile on her lips during the Holiday Season. Both Roberta and her husband are a delight, and it is so inspiring to see them working as a team in their journey with ovarian cancer.


We are thankful to you ALL for helping us help ovarian cancer patients in need, and in enhancing the lives of patients that need it most. It was magical for us to be able to provide the OvarCare package to Roberta and her family in their hour of need, and right before the holidays. To spread some joy, and a whole lot of cheer. We wish Roberta and her beautiful family, the very best. She will Ovarcome! Together, WE will Ovarcome!